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RV Camping at Lake Fort Smith

Lake Fort Smith Camping: Top Campgrounds & State Park Facilities

Are you planning a camping, hiking, and kayaking trip this weekend? Lake Fort Smith state park is located in the rough Boston Mountain Range of the northwest Arkansas Ozarks and has a unique beauty. The park provides a peaceful setting for camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, picnics, swimming, etc.
Fort Smith is a great campground and a well-maintained state park. However, you must bring your own electricity for wild camping, either foldable solar panels or a portable power station.
Before diving into its…

Movies in the Park

Summer nights got a little more fun for the family around Fort Smith, with lots of free activities.
Movies in the Park is presented by The City of Fort Smith Parks & Recreation Department.
All you have to do is grab a blanket or your favorite lawn chair and come out to enjoy a FREE movie under the stars at one of our beautiful local parks.
It’s free to come out.
Other fun and educational activities to do during the …

4 Fort Smith Parks Worth Exploring During Spring

Nothing beats spending a day with family or friends at a park. Natural beauty and fresh air have a way of renewing our spirits and making us feel at ease. Fort Smith is home to several fantastic parks that are just waiting to be discovered. There are many wonderful sites to visit, ranging from huge downtown parks to smaller community parks. 
Not only because of its name but also because of its position on the waterfront, Fort Smith Park had to be at the top of the list. It’s a great spot for canoeing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, or simply relaxing, …

Attractions: Where to Camp

Camping is one of the main activities that bring individuals, families, and groups of friends to Fort Smith. This unique area simply has so much to offer to campers that you will not have enough during your stay here. Some of the best camping areas in Fort Smith include;
Jackpine Paddle
They are a 100% northern-owned and run company. They explore the most beautiful parts of the Northwest Territories.

Hiking and Biking

Wood Buffalo National Park Trails
Beginning at Pine Lake Recreation Area, take the Lakeside Trail for 3.1 kilometers one way. Pine Lake is spring-fed by subsurface water sources and was formed by a succession of five nearby sinkholes. The trail links to the Lane Lake trailhead by following the lakeshore through an aspen and spruce woodland.
There is also a 6.5-kilometer one-way Lane Lake Trail. You can follow the trail into…

Fort Smith Health and Social Services

The Fort Smith Health and Social Services Authority provides health and social services to the Northwest Territories Fort Smith Region citizens. Over 100 people work for them. They are involved in providing health and social services such as mental health, home care, medical treatment, and counseling.
They are also responsible for the Fort Smith health center, Northern Lights Special Care Home, and community-based health and social care activities in the …

Attractions: Art and Heritage

Wayne is a full-time multi-media artist from the Northwest Territories Fort Smith.
Wayne’s interest in the creative side of life dates back a long time. Wayne has dabbled in oil painting, woodworking, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting over the years. 
Wayne is concentrating on art history, acrylic, and watercolor painting at this time in his life.
A number of private collectors own Wayne’s paintings, and he is a well-known figure …

Fort Smith Infrastructure

Infrastructure is an essential component of any area. This is especially the case for a place like Fort Smith, which happens to be a popular tourist hub. The infrastructure connecting the various components of Fort Smith determines the ease of access for both locals and the tourists who visit Fort Smith.
Fortunately, Fort Smith has taken the necessary infrastructural improvements over the years to make the place one of the best in …