Infrastructure is an essential component of any area. This is especially the case for a place like Fort Smith, which happens to be a popular tourist hub. The infrastructure connecting the various components of Fort Smith determines the ease of access for both locals and the tourists who visit Fort Smith.

Fortunately, Fort Smith has taken the necessary infrastructural improvements over the years to make the place one of the best in terms of infrastructure. While you will not exactly be awed by the infrastructure of Fort Smith, it is good enough for any reasonable person to appreciate. 

The Streets and Traffic Control department in Fort Smith is made up of seven infrastructure programs:

  • Administration
  • Street Maintenance
  • Street Construction
  • Sidewalk Construction
  • Street Drainage
  • Traffic Control Operations
  • Street Lighting

The agency is in charge of repairing and maintaining the City’s streets and drainage systems. The department is also in charge of keeping sidewalks existing and constructing new ones. The department also is responsible for the upkeep of traffic signals and street signage.

OG&E owns and operates the City Street Lights. The City Streets and Traffic Control Department, on the other hand, reports street light outages. It also assesses the need for additional street lighting.

Transportation infrastructure may be improved to provide both efficient regional connections and internal connectedness. Rather than starting with a list of predefined transportation upgrades and estimating the accompanying economic benefits, planners may start by looking at the region’s economic development strategy and then determining the transportation investments needed to support it. 

Furthermore, coordination between central and local actors has the potential to determine and have a substantial impact on the formulation of the best tourism promotion plans in the region.


Fort Smith Waste Collection

The Residential Division of the City of Fort Smith Department of Solid Debris Services is in charge of recycling, garbage, yard waste, and bulky waste collection. From single-family homes to four-plex townhouses, they are in charge of waste management in the city. The residential division is in charge of collecting around 31,000 tons of rubbish each year. They also collect 2400 tons of recyclables and yard debris.

For elderly and disabled homeowners who struggle to move their carts to the curb, the City of Fort Smith Department of Solid Waste Services offers complimentary collection services. However, this service is solely provided for garbage; it is not accessible for recycling or yard waste.

Fort Smith Water

The Slave River supplies all of Fort Smith’s water. The majority of inhabitants have access to water and sewer pipes. However, others rely on trucked water. From June to September, summer water lines run for homeowners who receive water supply within town borders.

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