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Fort Smith Health and Social Services

The Fort Smith Health and Social Services Authority provides health and social services to the Northwest Territories Fort Smith Region citizens. Over 100 people work for them. They are involved in providing health and social services such as mental health, home care, medical treatment, and counseling.
They are also responsible for the Fort Smith health center, Northern Lights Special Care Home, and community-based health and social care activities in the …

Fort Smith Infrastructure

Infrastructure is an essential component of any area. This is especially the case for a place like Fort Smith, which happens to be a popular tourist hub. The infrastructure connecting the various components of Fort Smith determines the ease of access for both locals and the tourists who visit Fort Smith.
Fortunately, Fort Smith has taken the necessary infrastructural improvements over the years to make the place one of the best in …

Fort Smith Daycare

Little children in Fort Smith are well taken care of during the day when their parents are off to work. Good daycare services are an essential consideration for parents with young kids. Fort Smith does not disappoint in this area. It offers some of the best daycares that you will find anywhere in the county. Fort Smith daycares are managed by quality caregivers and come at affordable prices for parents. 
The goal of Fort Smith daycare is to ensure parents feel comfortable about their children’s care. They are meant to make children feel at home while they …

Fort Smith Education

Students in Fort Smith can complete their education from kindergarten to post-secondary within the city. Education is one of the most advanced aspects of Fort city. You know that the education sector of a place is good when students from other areas are coming to seek schools here.
Culture camps, cultural language programs, literacy activities, French programs, parent councils, and student achievement awards create a vibrant educational …

Fort Smith Housing

This is a place with great housing amenities. For sure, Fort Smith is a fantastic place to call home. There are many reasons to call Fort Smith home. For example, housing costs are among the lowest in the Northwest Territories. You will also find that Fort Smith’s amenities are comparable to many bigger cities.
A typical three-bedroom, single-bathroom detached house with a large yard can cost about $200,000 or more, especially if it…

Fort Smith Recreation and Community Center

There are numerous recreation facilities for your entertainment and comfort in Fort Smith. Recreation at Fort Smith begins at the Fort Smith Recreation and community center. As the name suggests, this is truly a community place. 
There is so much that people of all ages and walks of life can do here. Some of the things that will take you to the Fort Smith recreation and community center are:

A big gymnasium …