Wayne is a full-time multi-media artist from the Northwest Territories Fort Smith.

Wayne’s interest in the creative side of life dates back a long time. Wayne has dabbled in oil painting, woodworking, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting over the years. 

Wayne is concentrating on art history, acrylic, and watercolor painting at this time in his life.

A number of private collectors own Wayne’s paintings, and he is a well-known figure in the art world.

Canadians Creations

Cindy Daniels was born and reared in the Northwest Territories, in the city of Fort Smith. She enjoys working with her hands-on projects that produce results as a creative jack-of-all-trades.

Cindy sells a variety of prints of her original paintings. Her paintings depend on the needs and interests of her customers. Cindy has also shifted her focus from landscapes to abstract paintings to develop patterns that may be printed on various garments.

The Divine in Me, Sees the Divine in You

Some of the products and services offered here include;

  • Tarot readings
  • Coaching
  • Starbuck astrology consultation
  • Spiritual ascension mentorship

Jayne Murray Communications & Photography

Some of the products and services that you will find here include;-

  • Writing, editing, desktop publishing, and proofreading
  • Sale of original art and crafts
  • Communication consulting
  • Business consulting services
  • Photography services
  • Sales of photography related items

Big Hoof Creations

This is an artist and creator in various mediums. Some of their arts include the use of chocolate, metal, wood, fabric, stone, clothing, and more.

JDM Geographic

Here, we document our natural world through mapping and photography services. Custom-designed cartographic maps and photography services are also offered.

Wood Buffalo Frolics

Numerous events include; dog-team racing, activities for children, Northern games and competitions, live entertainment, and the Mad Trapper’s old-time dance. 

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