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Attractions: Where to Camp

Camping is one of the main activities that bring individuals, families, and groups of friends to Fort Smith. This unique area simply has so much to offer to campers that you will not have enough during your stay here. Some of the best camping areas in Fort Smith include;
Jackpine Paddle
They are a 100% northern-owned and run company. They explore the most beautiful parts of the Northwest Territories.

Hiking and Biking

Wood Buffalo National Park Trails
Beginning at Pine Lake Recreation Area, take the Lakeside Trail for 3.1 kilometers one way. Pine Lake is spring-fed by subsurface water sources and was formed by a succession of five nearby sinkholes. The trail links to the Lane Lake trailhead by following the lakeshore through an aspen and spruce woodland.
There is also a 6.5-kilometer one-way Lane Lake Trail. You can follow the trail into…

Attractions: Art and Heritage

Wayne is a full-time multi-media artist from the Northwest Territories Fort Smith.
Wayne’s interest in the creative side of life dates back a long time. Wayne has dabbled in oil painting, woodworking, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting over the years.¬†
Wayne is concentrating on art history, acrylic, and watercolor painting at this time in his life.
A number of private collectors own Wayne’s paintings, and he is a well-known figure …

Explore Fort Smith

Wood Buffalo National Park
Wood Buffalo National Park is the country’s largest national park. It is also one of the world’s largest. It is part of Canada’s national park and national historic site system. It was founded in 1922 to protect northern Canada’s last remaining bison herds. Today, it safeguards an exceptional and exemplary example of Canada’s Northern Boreal Plains.
Geographically, the Fort Smith Paddling Club has a huge advantage for the win. It is on the banks of the Slave River, …